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Summertime -

Time to relax, rest and enjoy ...
Time, to discover new things, but also to reminisce and rediscover familiar things
          – but possibly see them in a different light ...

Time, to discover new ideas and suggestions for our Snoezelen sessions ...

I would like to share with you some photographs from my collection, which could evoke memories and might inspire new ideas. I have considered various target groups, we come across in our work: children in nurseries, in school and free time, also adolescents and adults (including elderly people). You can supplement the selection of photographs: Sometime a single picture is enough for a session, but at other times a small series of maybe 3 to 6 pictures might be used. Selecting more pictures might inspire an imaginary story, which could be continued in the following session.
Let the participants talk, provide them with impulses or chose your own story. The choice of relevant music suitable for the pictures can add another interesting aspect: i.e. a few music instruments or a suitable DVD.
In short, it is in your hands, to select pictures which arouse the interest of your target group and provide stimulation for conversations and imaginary journeys.
Preparing the room in advance is of importance:

  • - Display wall with Beamer and series of photographs or a single photograph
    (alternatives: spread out photographs, postcards, calendar pages etc. on a low table or on the floor);
  • - Light elements in the room in accordance with the topic;
  • Possibly additional small objects: blossoms, twigs, small pieces of fabric, scents ... to be placed amongst the photographs / pictures. Your clientele will have ideas too, which other materials could be added.

The Snoezelen room can be transformed into a reflection room, a relaxation/recuperation room and a learning zone.

Example photos:

I.  A hedgehog on his travels

Where is he going to? What does he find along the way?
schnecke äpfel
He finds a snail.
Then he passes a big meadow, and there are apples everywhere. But he doesn’t like apples. He’d rather run home quickly and curl up in his nest.
lesegruppe kind matte
After the picture show the children read the story with their caregivers.
The child lays down on the mat. Whilst the story is being told once again, the caregiver rolls the hedgehog ball over the child’s body (back, arms, legs...).

II.  Fruits in the forest

Who would we take along on a trip and what would we have to pack for the journey? What shouldn’t we forget?

The unit can be concluded with a picnic.

grün wald früchte probieren
Forest atmosphere in the Snoezelen room.
Exchange experiences / Read out a story,
Tasting and guessing fruits of the forest.

III.  A trip to the Spreewald
     (a biosphere reserve southeast of Berlin)

kinder zuhörer zug einstieg
The group prepares an excursion.
Getting on the train / bus...  .
spreewald schwan ruhepause
Walking through the Spreewald (different photos).
A little rest.
- And off we go again – what else is there to see?
windmühle spreewald spreewaldgurke
Rest by the windmill with picnic.
Spreewald gherkin (a culinary speciality) (to prepare in advance).

IV.  Journey into the clouds

In a calm atmosphere different pictures of cloudy skies are being shown in a slowly changing sequence
– one photo might possibly be enough. In the background relaxation music is being played. If needed, participants can discuss their impressions.

wolkenreise rotgelb wolkenformation
IV.1  IV.2
That can be followed by showing different cloud formations, which could possibly be embedded into a story.
wolken vor sonnenuntergang über den wolken
IV.3  IV.4 

From those photographs, please feel free to select the ones that you might like and which you think, might arouse interest in your clientele and maybe encourage an exchange in your group. Where would you rather be now or maybe not be? What did you experience when you were there? What else could be of interest in that area? Would you maybe not like to be there right now? Why not? How could the story end?

(cf. inter alia: Mertens, K.: Using images to create the imagination. In: Snoezelen - in action. Shaker Verlag GmbH, Aachen 2008, 78-79; Mertens, K.: Fantasie entwickeln durch Bilder. In: Snoezelen. Eine Einführung in die Praxis. V. modernes lernen, Dortmund 20184, 78-79; Mertens, K .: Ein Tag am Meer. In: Krista Mertens unter Mitarbeit von Ad Verheul/Sandra Köstler/Ulrich Merz: Snoezelen. Anwendungsfelder in der Praxis. V. modernes lernen, Dortmund 2005, 195-198).


Why not take one of our training courses. Our training concepts were developed by me at the Humboldt University, Berlin, department of Rehabilitation Sciences and are constantly updated to adhere to changing requirements. We have training venues are all over Germany and there are lectures trained by us who teach abroad as well. On request we deliver in-house courses (cf.

In September 2019 we will announce our training program for 2020 (cf. Please contact me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Helmut Wrede, trainings (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), with your requests.

Yours sincerely

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 Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens (1st chairwoman)


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