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The way forward into the year 2017

The 14th International Congress of ISNA-Snoezelen professional e.V. in Basel, Switzerland invited visitors to actively take part. In recent years we had noticed that there is not only a demand for information about Snoezelen rooms, their setup and concepts but also for another aspect - so-called Snoezelen-corners - for resting, relaxing and dreaming. Before the congress each participant had the opportunity to hand in a statement to address current/ innovative questions regarding the planning and implementation and to present their ideas to the group during the congress.

Basic information about furnishing, design, choice of facility (i.e. nursery, school. facilities for disabled people or the elderly, rehabilitation centre, clinics or at home) and solutions to permanent/temporary installations of Snoezelen-corners were discussed amongst experts. Considerations regarding the use of music - also combined with the use of images/pictures - as well as colour installations and technical implementation possibilities generated intensive discussions. Taking into account the biography and needs of the clients enabled participants to develop specific ideas and suggestions.

In his keynote lecture "Equipment of Snoezelen-corners for resting and relaxing - choice of music and videos" Dr Martin Buntrock discussed important basic points which need to be considered during planning stages, and were supported and expanded on by representatives of suppliers of Snoezelen equipment (of particular interest was a rocking chair that also offered calming music and tactile stimulation).

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The congress demanded highest activity and attention. All experts were invited to join the practical session where they had the opportunity to develop two quiet corners. Guidelines for the set-up of these small areas and how to incorporate them in rooms and corridors were drawn up in a list.

In this context "mobile Snoezelen" is considered as an effective way to bring Snoezelen to the client. A film team, Jaehoon Park and Wonjung Jung, from the rehabilitation centre in Seoul with whom we work in partnership, showed a video demonstrating a prototype Snoezelen cart of high quality and its practical handling.

Takuya Hashimoto from Japan spoke about his and his family's mission in 2011 to bring help to remote areas in Japan that were affected by the tsunami. By converting a van into a Snoezelen room they made it their mission to relief some of the pain families had suffered after the earthquake.

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The success of the programme was reflected in the comments made by the participants:
Opinions of participants:

  • "I was very impressed, expecting a large congress I now return with so many new experiences. The exchange was very valuable."
  • "I am impressed and so full."
  • "There is so much I need to think about."
  • "100% better than last year - that was too big and spread out. Many thanks to the Asian participants and many thanks to Conny."
  • "Small group - many inputs. Everybody was able to contribute."
  • "I was expecting something else, I thought hundreds of participants would come. I absolutely loved it. Curiosity and innovation is driven by ISNA. That is what the association is all about. I am a teacher at a Waldorf school, here a completely different approach."
  • " The exchange and the personal contact was the best bit for me. I am coming from a completely different angle. To me it is important what the user can contribute."
  • " I have learned about new Snoezelen settings. I am very satisfied. The event was very useful for the planning of rooms"

The board and the teaching team of ISNA were also very happy with the course of the congress. We will look further into so-called "Snoezelen-corners" to offer rest, relaxation and wellbeing and follow up on any developments during our teaching courses.

The training program for 2017 can be found H E R E

As already announced in Basel,
the 15th International Congress will take place from the 13th to the 15th October 2017 in Maria Bildhausen
The theme will be: „Snoezelen –  Experience it – understand it –  apply it“.

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