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Dear members and friends of ISNA - Snoezelen professional,

By the end of March news of a previously unknown virus, which the World Health Organisation (WHO) named Sars-CoV -2, had reached Germany too. Risk areas were quickly identified, and the number of deaths started rising worldwide. By the beginning of April, it was clear that preventative measures were needed to stop the spreading of the new virus, which meant that social distancing was required. In view of our work in the field of Snoezelen, many or our support measures and therapies have been severely affected. I can imagine that many institutions are not able to provide Snoezelen and are not supposed to – but a 1-to-1 session ‘with another person, not living in the same household ... with the required distance of at least 1.5 Meters’ is allowed and possible (cf. Rules on social distancing might vary in other countries, please check.

Before entering a Snoezelen room, the room can be prepared accordingly to allow an individual person – only if the person is not infected with Coronavirus – to experience sounds, pictures and possible scents.

Here are some ideas / suggestions for Snoezelen sessions, I believe are worth thinking about. Depending on the time or the condition of the client, pictures are a good way to expand on a story (which can be continued in subsequent sessions).

A comfortable seat or place to lounge should be prepared in the Snoezelen room, with the screen in full view. With a projector / slide projector pictures can be projected onto the screen, allowing the client to “experience” a journey, hike or flight. The carer will sit at least 1.5m away from the client to adhere to social distancing rules and can talk to the client. In subsequent sessions the story can be continued, and new pictures can be added.

Suggestion 1: Flying with birds

vogelreise_01 vogelreise_02

Suggestion 2: A walk through the woods

waldspaziergang_01 waldspaziergang_02

Suggestion 3: Visiting my favourite animal


Suggestion 4: What does the mouse want from me?


Suggestion 5: A day by the sea


Suggestion 6: Above the clouds


Unfortunately, due to the federal law on infection prevention, we had to cancel all of courses for the remainder of the year (cf. Beyond that, we will have to wait and see, until rules change. Please, keep checking the homepage, we will keep you updated.

On a more positive note, I would like to draw your attention to an upcoming highlight. For March 2021 we are planning another trip to the “cradle of Snoezelen”, the De Hartenberg Centre in the Netherlands where we will be celebrating “20 years of ISNA Snoezelen professional”. We will once again be staying at the bungalows of Landgoed de Schelenberg, near De Hartenberg. Congress languages are German and English. For ISNA members the trip will be available at a reduced price. In the summer, Ad Verheul and I will organise the programme and that is done, we will put it on the homepage.

The board, especially our treasurer, Constance Düwiger, would like to remind you
of the annual membership fee. Any outstanding fees can be paid to: HypoVereinsbank
IBAN DE51 7932 0075 0012 8027 73 | BIC HYVEDEMM451

The current annual fee:

  • For individual members 50.00€ per year
  • For institutions 120.00€ per year
  • For pupils. Trainees, students 30.00€ per year 

The membership fee is, like any charitable donation, fully tax deductible, as we are a non-profit organisation.

I wish you all well, stay safe!

Kind regards

unterschrift krista mertens

Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens (1st chair)


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