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winter has finally arrived, and the year is quickly coming to an end. This year’s annual conference took place in Maria Bildhausen where participants were able to exchange information in a harmonious and familiar atmosphere. Speakers from all over the world were attracted by the subject of fitting Snoezelen rooms and Snoezelen corners. The option of a Snoezelen-cart and the design of small rooms, corners and recesses stimulated participants’ imagination and lead to further ideas and suggestions. The groups were supported by several suppliers of equipment such as: a rocking chair and bed rocker, stimulating light elements and suitable relaxation music. (Wehrfritz GmbH, Sport-Thieme-Therapie, Wellness Nordic with the Relax chair, Dr. Martin Buntrock – relaxation music). Various possibilities of using a Snoezelen-cart in a nursing home or hospital were introduced and tested.
As always, the monastery Maria Bildhausen offered the perfect ambience for a little escape. Colourful autumn leaves, gorgeous sunsets, delicious food, the welcoming accommodation set in the grounds of the monastery – it all contributed to a successful conference where further ideas were developed, and future plans were discussed.

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baum in bildhausenThomas Hahn, manager of the residential complex of Maria Bildhausen, told us about the early days of Snoezelen in the monastery: the first Snoezelen room was already set up in 1997. In the meantime, the facility as well as the branch in Bad Brückenau have three Snoezelen rooms and a number of Snoezelen corners, designed target group specific under the guidance of Manuela Trescher. Maria Bildhausen, an “Oasis of life”, has developed into a Snoezelen training centre were the “Internationally recognised additional qualification ISNA Snoezelen professional e.V.” can be obtained. Further courses are held in Basel and Berlin: Calendar. On demand inhouse training courses can be arranged in Germany or abroad if suitable training facilities are available. Our statutes state as the “purpose of the association” training and further education (nationally and internationally), research – including publications and the development of methods and organisational methods – also for “free Snoezelen”. In 2016 the tax office for corporations in Berlin has recognised the association as a non-profit organisation.

Snoezelen is also increasingly becoming attractive to providers, whose qualifications are not enough for comprehensive Snoezelen training. We need to bear in mind that we are generally dealing with clients, who need help and support through the therapeutic measure of Snoezelen. An exact diagnosis, an appropriate individual program and efficiency measurements are imperative. Even when setting up a Snoezelen room, it is vital to consult an expert. Each room, whether its for children, adolescents or adults (with or without disabilities) needs to be adapted to the individual needs of the clientele. Above-mentioned companies are increasingly taking expert knowledge into account. Consulting experts during the planning stages can be cost saving and make the work more effective.

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