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Integrative Music Relaxation IMR by Dr. Buntrock®

A new relaxation method for Snoezelen

Due to its versatile nature, music can be used in Snoezelen in many ways. However, it’s is mainly applied as background music to create a certain atmosphere or to support relaxation as part of an imaginary journey or relaxation exercises. This is where Integrative Music-Relaxation IMR by Dr. Buntrock® comes in, a new relaxation technique that can contribute greatly to the benefits of Snoezelen.

Principles of IMR

The basis is a specific relaxation music that lasts for at least 30 minutes. When composing relaxation music, it is vital to consider the effects of individual parameters such as tempo, dynamic, frequency range of instruments, rhythms and melodies and the renouncement of singing. For example, it is not enough to just select a tempo of 60 beats per minute for the music.
Furthermore, IMR considers different aspects of relaxation and can therefore benefit on many levels (psychical and physical relaxation, relaxation process / state of relaxation).
During the first phase a specific induction of relaxation is used to direct the initially outward attention to focus inward passive-receptively. That is achieved through specific listening tasks, which can also be combined with elements from “progressive relaxation” by Jacobson.
That is followed by phase 2, the passive listening phase, when the initiated relaxation process changes into a state of relaxation that is kept for a longer period of time. The specific composition of the music targets the desired relaxation effect.
To conclude a session - depending on the number of musical pieces – an activation phase might follow.

Field of application and advantages of IMR

Trained IMR chaperones for Snoezelen can carry out a range of activities depending on the situation or client and are able to address the needs of the target group and therefore contribute to an increased wellbeing. A big advantage of IMR is, that it requires no extensive training. Within a few minutes under the supervision of a Snoezelen chaperone IMR can be learned and implemented. The special composition of the music and the integration of elements from other relaxation methods allows IMR not only to promote the relaxation process but also to achieve deep relaxation and the ability to sustain it for a longer period of time.

Who is IMR suitable for?

IMR is very effective, easy to learn and to apply. Therefore, it is suitable for anybody who is interested in relieving every day stress. Furthermore, qualified staff from the areas of psychology, education, therapy as well as people working in the care sector, who in their professional live apply relaxation methods or want to expand their range of services.


The first relaxation music for IMR titled “IMR Ocean” was released in January 2018. It’s currently only available to order directly from Martin Buntrock Music by phone or in writing (see below for phone number and address). The price is 19.50 Euro plus postage.


The course “Use of Music in the Snoezelen room and selection of media” takes place from 23.02. to 24.02. 2018 and will also cover “Integrative Music Relaxation “ (IMR).
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For further information about IMR, IMR – training for chaperones or to order the CD “IMR Ocean” please contact:

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