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Costs for Information days and individual modules

Depending on demand current interests will be covered such as "Snoezelen with babies and toddlers", "Snoezelen to facilitate learning", "Imaginary journeys", "Effects and use of Music", "Snoezelen for clients with dementia-type illnesses", "Introduction of the Snoezelen cart" etc. Our renowned specialists can also be requested for in-house training to deliver target group specific training courses to suit your facility.

One-day Information courses € 190 per person
Theoretical basic information and 1 practical unit
Participation is not recognised as part of the Additional Qualification Snoezelen.

Costs per Module including training documents € 440 person per person
The courses leading to the award of the  "Internationally recognised additional qualification Snoezelen" are run over 3 days each and can be spread over one or two years.

Basic Modules I:    Snoezelen - An introduction course
Basic Modules II:   Didactical and methodical principles in theory and praxis
Practical Modules III and IV: Thematic focus according to participants' requests
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For further information about Snoezelen or "ISNA-Snoezelen professional e.V." please contact:
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Representatives for training and continuing education: Chair and management:

Manuela Trescher                                      Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens
Dominikus Ringeisenwerk                                   Rüdesheimer Str. 4
Förderstätte Haus 10                                 14197 Berlin, Germany
97702 Maria Bildhausen, Germany


Costs for a group of 6 to 12 people
information day and individual Modules for in-house training courses

In order to undertake in-house training courses certain requirements have to be met:
- For the practical part of the course a Snoezelen room should be available - preferably with some small pieces of  equipment - as well as a seminar room for the theoretical parts of the course. Media such as a projector etc. should be available.
- The room size needs to be suitable for the expected number of participants.
- The minimum number of participants is six, with a maximum of 12.

One-day Information events 1900 €
The one-day course delivers theoretical basic information and 1 practical unit adapted to your clientele.
Participation is not recognised as part of the "Additional Qualification Snoezelen".

Costs per Module 2400 €
Each module runs over 3 consecutive training days (usually from 9.00am  to 4.30pm)

(The organiser/ facility can decide how many participants they want to train provided the room size is adequate for the practical work. Maximum number of participants is 12)

Participation is recognised as part of "Additional Qualification Snoezelen".

In addition to the cost for the course the facility will pay for the lecturers' accommodation including catering and travel expenses.


Please book your courses well in advance so that we can plan accordingly!
Members of "ISNA-Snoezelen professional e.V."  will receive a 20% discount on CDs by Dr. Martin Buntrock and on the books and Introduction DVD by Dr. Martin Buntrock and Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens.

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