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General information

Currently the teaching team of ISNA Germany consists of ten key members, all fully qualified and teaching the Basic module I: Snoezelen – An introduction course  and    Basic Module II: Didactic and methodical principles (cf. Course program) as well as a range of    Practical modules III and IV  (cf. Dates and list of lecturers).


The teaching team is working mainly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, whilst some courses are held worldwide. The lecturers share experiences amongst each other and take part in professional development activities on a regular basis.


Each course takes three full days (can be spread over 4 days with half a day on day 1 and half a day on day 4). The basic course fees are the same for all courses; for more information and fees please contact the head of the teaching team, Prof. Dr. Krista Mertens
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


The Basic Modules I and II follow a specified program, whilst the practical modules are target group specific and needs-oriented and therefore the content might vary depending on the lecturer (see practical modules).


Basic Module I

Snoezelen – An introduction course


Basic Module lasting 3 full days (6 hours per day)


The Basic Module I is also an admission module for the following three blocks (basic Module II, Practical Module I, Practical Module II), all leading to obtaining ISNA’s internationally recognised Additional qualification Snoezelen certificate. (cf. Course dates can also be arranged individually with the lecturers. For course venues please check the website or when planning in-house training courses (minimum of 8 participants required) please discuss the venue with the course instructor.


Once the Basic Module 1 has been completed, the following modules can be attended in any order.


Content of the introduction course Snoezelen


The course focuses on practical implementation whilst incorporating theoretical basic principles.




• Development, objectives and intention of Snoezelen

• Neurological principles

• Requirements of people with disabilities

• Setting up Snoezelen rooms/areas

• Carer behaviour




• Implementing Snoezelen according to needs

• Methods of implementation and presentation

• Body experience and body awareness

• Adapting the basic room according to needs

• Implementing materials accordingly

• Attending and leading in a practical situation

• Behaviour observations

• Questionnaire about well-being and choice of equipment



Basic Module II

Continuation course - Didactic and methodical principles



Target group:

participants who have completed Basic Module I




• Effectiveness of Snoezelen

• Principles of perception and perception processing

• Concentration and attentive behaviour

• Requirements of people with disabilities (depending on target group of participants)

• Questionnaire about wellbeing

• Target group specific room planning

• Creating materials

• Targeted use of materials



• Methods of implementation and presentation

• Attending and leading

• Behaviour observation

• Practical application


Practical modules

Over the next two years ISNA Germany will offer practical modules with emphasis on the following aspects:

  1. Principles of educational diagnostics during Snoezelen
  2. Snoezelen in the water
  3. Snoezelen with animals
  4. Snoezelen with elderly people
  5. Wellbeing, rest and relaxation
  6. Room planning, creating Snoezelen materials
  7. Making music in a Snoezelen room, the effectiveness of music
  8. People in hospices
  9. Children and adults with specific conditions

        • Mental impairments/disabilities
        • Mental disabilities taking into consideration people with severe, multiple disabilities
        • Attention and concentration deficits – ADD and ADHD
        • Autism
        • Perception impairments (in specific areas: visual perception, auditory perception, body perception)
        • General promotion of development and learning
        • Apallic syndrome
        • Psychological disorders (anxieties, depression...)
        • Dementia



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